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About Livingston Twisters Gymnastics

About the People

Twisters Gymnastics is a Wisconsin corporation started by John Mullarney and the folks from Madtown Twisters in Madison, WI. We are still considered a sister-club to Madtown. John originally became interested in gymnastics during his younger years, in high school and college where he attended the University of Colorado. He has coached high school teams here in the SWAL league, while creating programs for them to train out-of-season. Additionally, John has coached, attended and directed camps and clinics both here locally and across the region. He holds current certifications and is a professional member of several coaching federations such as the Amateur Athletic Union, USA Independent Gymnastics Clubs, WIAA, and as all the coaches at Twisters are, is a safety certified pro member of USA Gymnastics.

About the School

Twisters opened in 1992, renovating the old elementary school in Livingston. It is an ideal space for gymnastics with a generous observation area. We strive to provide a safe, fun, positive environment that encourages participation. Most programs are non-competitive and teach children to work hard toward individual goals and enjoy their accomplishments.

Safety in Gymnastics

At Twisters, safety is first and foremost. Our gym is extremely well designed and equipped. Our dedicated staff is well trained and willing to put in the extra time needed to remain current on new teaching and safety concepts and techniques. We can say with confidence that you will find no safer gym.