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We offer classes for all ages, from tiny Tots to High School.

Spring 2019 Schedule & Rate Sheet

To be developmentally appropriate, our programs are divided by age and skill level. By teaching the most current basic techniques, students develop a foundation allowing them to go as far in gymnastics as their ability and interest allows. This is a multi-level program where children are rewarded for passing from level to level. Great care is taken to teach skills in a thorough and progressive manner to ensure against "gaps" that might restrict their gymnastic potential in later years. Twisters has its own Star Achievement Program which awards students for their progression, while giving parents a measuring tool to view their child's success. We have several "Card" days throughout the session, and once a semester, we create the "ultimate" obstacle course for fun week which has become an absolute rave with the kids.

TWISTING TOTS - (for pre-schoolers up to 5)
Lots of movement activity, with plenty of care, patience and smiles. Basic gymnastic skills are presented on all the apparatus, with a progressive lesson plan that allows your toddler to learn at their own rate. Class sizes are kept small, so that special little someone of yours gets lots of attention. For very young Twisters, parents can participate, allowing the child the opportunity to grow comfortably in a group situation at their own individual pace.

Tues 3:10-4:00 Wed 5:10-6:00 or 6:00-6:50 Thurs 5:40-6:30
$205 Semester once per week / $330 twice per week

MINI-TWISTERS - (Ages K to 8) - Both Boys & Girls!
This program is for the physically and socially confident youngster through 8 years of age. Skills are presented in a fun and goal oriented manner on the various olympic events and trampoline.

Mon 4:00-5:15Tues 5:15-6:30Wed 4:00-5:15Thurs 5:15-6:30Sat 10:00-11:15

MID-TWISTERS - (Age 9 & Up)
For the older, more mature child. Skills are presented in a more thorough manner and classes tend to be more achievement oriented. Goal programs to motivate your child to go as far in gymnastics as their ability and interest allow, while developing healthy lifelong habits.

Mon 5:15-6:30Tues 4:00-5:15Wed 5:15-6:30Thurs 4:00-5:15

Combination Ninja / Gymnastics Class
Just what every kid wants and needs: physical challenges using objects & obstacle courses in combination with gymnastics skills. We have a full set-up of all equipment to challenge anyone's inner NINJA, plus it's great fun to boot. Lots of fun while learning to flip, fly and swing.

Fri 4:45-6:00
Mini/Mid Prices $240 Semester once per week / $385 twice per week

Recreational - Developmental Intermediate
This program is for the exceptionally interested and talented child, who may want more instructional time, but not necessarily a team situation. There is no outside competition involved, but this class serves as a stepping stone toward our club team if a gymnast is so inclined, or toward high school competition. Time is spent in each class on strength and flexibility improvement. Although there is a lot of hard work involved, there is just as much fun. Because of the advanced nature of the class, certain prerequisites and a coach's consent is necessary to join.

Wed 6:30-8:30
$275 Semester once per week

HIGH SCHOOL WORKSHOP (8 week session - Starts 3/26)
This program is for the junior high gymnast who intends to compete in high school or current high school competitors. The size of this class is limited and registration is on a first come basis.

Tues & Thurs 6:30-9:00
$225 twice per week (40 hrs gym time!) or $145 Once per week

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